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2013-12-26 11:49:04
Clear Home of Negative Energy and sell faster!!

This is a great article I found on line...I have always believed this! Do this and use the 'Power of Intention' And get AMAZING RESULTS!

Believe it or not negative and old stagnant energy might just be turning off prospective home buyers. Spiritually cleansing your home can remove this energy and make it more attractive to buyers.

Have you ever just walked into a room and felt uneasy? Maybe you felt like you shouldn't be there and you wanted to leave. You might just be experiencing negative energy. I'm sure we have all been to someone's home and felt very uncomfortable as soon as we walked in the door. Later that night you find out the couple you were visiting had an argument earlier that day, before you arrived. You picked up on the left over negative energy in the room. It was left over from the argument that happened earlier in the day.

Your house can actually store emotions and energy. This can make people feel very uncomfortable in your home. When your selling your house you might want to remember that. You spend so much time preparing your house to sell. You clean it up, make repairs, price it to sale, but many people don't think about cleaning on a spiritual level. You might want to think of the old energy your house accumulates as spiritual dust and cobwebs. Dust can be annoying and make you sneeze, and cobwebs you don't always see, but when you walk through them they can be pretty eerie and annoying.

Now that you get the idea of why you need to spiritually cleanse your home, let me tell you exactly how you do it. First lets start with the obvious. It is probably something you have already completed. Clean your house. I don't just mean scrub and vacuum. I mean clean it like you have never cleaned it before. The best way to start is to pick one room, complete it and move on to the next. Pay close attention to closets and any place where clutter tends to accumulate. Get rid of all those things you don't use anymore. Clutter can actually block energy from flowing freely. Just like it is hard to walk through a room with things all over the place without tripping and falling, energy is the same way. It can't move through a room if there are things all over blocking it too. This step will also help you in the long run. You won't have as much stuff to move when you sell your house. When each room is cleared of clutter and things you don't need, now is the time to finish it off by actually cleaning it. Vacuum those floors, clean the windows, and don't forget the ceiling fan too. You can even wash down the walls and make the whole place sparkle.

After you have completed all the cleaning and getting rid of all that clutter, it is time to smudge. Smudging is very simple. All you need is some sage or a smudge stick. Smudging sticks are great and very inexpensive. It is basically a stick made from sage tied together. If you don't have a local spiritual shop, you can find them easily on the Internet, or even on Ebay very cheap. If you don't want to go to the trouble of looking for and buying a smudge stick, then just go to the grocery store and by some sage in a jar. You can find it in the spice isle. Now that you have your sage it is time to burn it. Yes we are going to light it and let it burn. If you are using a stick then just light the end of it. If you are using plain sage in a jar, put some in an ashtray and light it that way. The sage will kind of smolder and give off smoke. The smoke is what you are going to use to smudge your home.

Pick one window in your house and open it. It doesn't have to be wide open. Your going to use this window as a place for all your negative and old energy to leave your home. As your smudging your going to imagine all that energy going right out that designated window. Now it is time to start. Take your burning sage to the lower level of your house. Start in a corner and gently blow or wave your hand over the sage to get it to smoke. Gently blow or fan that smoke into each corner and lightly through the room. The corners are the most important. Make sure you do each corner of the room. As you are doing this you can say something like, ' I release all of the negative energy in this room and in my home.' Imagine that energy leaving via the window you left open. After you finished each room on the lower level, move upstairs and repeat this through out each room of your house. You don't have to fill your home with tons of smoke. Burning sage doesn't exactly give off a very pleasant scent. A little goes along way!

Your house is now rid of that old nasty stagnant energy. Now all you have to do next, is to fill your house up with positive energy and seal it in. To do this you will need a spray bottle, water and some Kosher salt. This step you might want to do when your neighbors aren't all outside watching your every move. You might feel uncomfortable telling them your spiritually cleansing your home. If they do see you, you can always say your spraying for bugs. That isn't exactly a lie. Your just spraying for negative bugs.

Fill your spray bottle up with water and just a little salt. You can use about a tablespoon if it is a big spray bottle, or less if your bottle is small. Your now going to go outside and spray or mist all along the perimeter of your home. You want to go completely around the foundation of your house and pay special attention to doors ways, or any openings into your home. You don't have to saturate the base of your house, just misting all along the perimeter will be fine. When your performing this step you can say to yourself, ' Fill my home with love, light, peace and protection.' 'Protect my home from negativity and fill it with positive energy.'

Now that you are finished misting or spraying, there is one last step. Find a quiet place in your home where you can sit down and relax. Once seated you are going to think about the salt and water you placed all around your home and across your door ways. Picture that line around your house bright white, and growing tall. Picture it rising up the walls of your home and over your house, encircling it. Imagine it is encasing your home and filling your house with bright white light that is full of peace, love and positive energy. The white light is sealing in all that positive energy, and protecting it now from any negative energy. When you are finished with this step, you have successfully cleansed your home.

You might be amazed at how uplifting and bright feeling your home actually is inside. Now when prospective home buyers come to view your home, they too can experience that feeling. They might just feel right at home in your house, and want to write an offer! Hopefully cleansing your home will change that For Sale sign on your house to a Sold sign.

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