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2013-12-26 12:19:20
'Release' your home before you put on the Market

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Moving On: How To Sell Your House

 by Ana Palles

Home for Sale signs lining neighborhood streets remind me of those hurdles we jumped during our track and field days in school. Like those high school track hurdles, the current housing inventory can be quite an obstacle for many families.

In cases where the house is up for sale because of divorce or financial hardship, what was once a comforting home becomes a heavy burden. We see our house as tying us down, dragging things out and preventing us from turning the page on our lives.

With so much frustration, I am often asked for home selling tips. Many people even ask me about burying a statue of St. Joseph upside down on the property, which once sold they dig up and take to their new home. While I know a number of agents that do this, I believe it is counterproductive, further tangling the home’s energy and creating a karmic debt.  I don’t recommend this practice.

But what can you do?

There are some very basic energy shifting techniques to help sell a house, and they boil down to Release, Clear and Bless.

  1. Release

    Our homes are our sanctuaries, our space. It is important to strip a home of personal items, such as photos and knick knacks when we are trying to sell a home. This helps the buyer imagine that the space is theirs. In order to accomplish this, the buyer should feel that the space will receive them. And more importantly, that they are not intruding on someone else’s space. Even in an unoccupied room, a person’s or family’s presence and personality are very real and tangible, with strong energetic boundaries. Multiply this tenfold when working with a home.

    A lot of life happens in a home. We have emotional exchanges with our family members, feelings of anger, joy, grief, fear and frustration are all expressed within our space. And these powerful emotional events can leave imprints, not only on the family, but in the space itself.

    If a buyer can’t wait to step outside your home and get some fresh air, even though your place is pristine, take this as a huge red flag that you are dealing with stuck energy. Release some of this bundled up energy and clear the air.

    How to Release

    Conscious Intent. Releasing starts with the conscious intent to clear the space of your energy. Not only will it help your home to sell, because the space will have a lighter and more welcoming feel, but it will also free up energy for your own use. Sometimes, you can feel a sense of heaviness and lethargy in a residence, almost as if the home owner wrapped the house and themselves up in a thick cocoon. As soon as you enter their space, you feel the same sluggishness and sometimes even exhaustion. Not only does this chase the buyer out, but it defeats your purpose. Your buyer should feel a call to action, to move on the property and make you an offer, not feel dragged down and frozen.

    The process is simple. Take your time and focus on what you are doing. Go into each room. Take a deep breath and center yourself in silence. Stop and consider what images come into your mind. What do you see, hear, feel in this room. As each thought or memory comes into your head, take a deep breath, thank the space for holding this energy and ask it to release. Blow the air out of your lungs, slowly, consciously asking it to let go. The energy you have wrapped up in old events is energy that you can restore for yourself. Repeat this three times, going deeper with each breath. Imagine blowing all the years of experiences in each room up towards the light. See yourself transforming this energy into the air that you breathe every day, but now cleansed, healthy and vibrant.

    Conscious Goodbye. You may still be living in the house until it sells, but once you made the decision to put the house on the market, a part of you already left. Honor this by saying goodbye to each room of the house and thanking it for its service. Start by focusing yourself in the present here and now. Stand in the room and offer your thanks for the time that you spent there. With concentrated attention, acknowledge that it is now time for you to move on. Take a deep breath, smile and softly exhale. Proceed around the house.

  2. Clear

    Releasing can stir up a lot of debris. Think of what happens when you dust, trim your plants, or refinish a piece of furniture. We have to wipe things down, clear away the waste in order to have a nice clean and clear place. The same is true of energetic work. One of the best ways of cleaning out the energetic waste is opening the windows on each end of the house so that the air circulates, even in winter and even if only for ten minutes or so. Imagine the current carrying away the old dank air and refreshing it with crystal clear mountain air, or a salty ocean breeze.

    Speaking of salt, it is an ancient purifier and sanitizer. It is not unusual for those clearing a space with very old, stuck energy to sprinkle salt around items or the space. A friend of mine recently used salt to clear the energy of a second hand item she was given. She dropped me a line the very next day amazed at how fast and effective the salt was in clearing out the energy.

    This is also a good time to incorporate some Feng Shui principles into your space by removing clutter. Simple things like making sure passage ways, windows and doorways are not blocked, even if this means moving out pieces of furniture into storage elsewhere.

    Furniture holds a lot of stuck energy, which is an important reminder. I had a room in my house that I hadn’t used much in fifteen years. I was refurbishing the room and in the process, donated a set of display units that had been handed down by family. A sense of family duty and obligation had always prevented me from giving those units away, not to mention the fact that they were also heavy pieces and in good condition. Since I needed to put the room to a new use, I took the plunge and donated the wall units. The difference was eye opening.

    Not only did the family immediately notice the lightness in the room, but friends that had been coming over to my house for years couldn’t get over how good the room felt. My daughters love spending time in there now and constantly say how wonderful the room feels. Sometimes we simply don’t realize how much energy objects can hold.

    So don’t hesitate. Remove and donate items that are taking up a lot of space, that just don’t seem to work for you, or you simply have a desire to be rid of them. Let go of weighty clutter, donate it, and remember to clear your energy out of your personal items prior to giving them away.

    If you are selling the house because of a divorce or a death, it’s a good idea to take any documents associated with these events out of the house. In most cases, there is a great deal of emotion attached to these documents. While it is a good idea to release the emotion associated with the paperwork, in many cases this may still be too raw to tackle. So, try keeping these documents outside the home for sale, maybe rent a safe deposit box for a short term or place them in a strongbox and ask your parents to hold on to them for you while you sell your property.

    Next, get out the cleaning supplies and wash all nooks and crannies with a nice refreshing cleaning solution. Sweep the outside steps and wipe the front door and doorbell. Clean those light switches, door jams, handles, phones, sliding glass doors, bathroom mirrors, shelves, windowsills and dust light fixtures. Let the air blow through the house as you clean and freshen up the home’s breath.

    And most important of all, remember to smile when you clean. The joy that you put into the work on your home will be reflected back to potential buyers. Let them experience a sense of expansion when they come into the home. Let them feel that there is room for them to bloom and prosper.

  3. Bless the House

    John O’Donohue reminds us to Bless the Space Between Us and bring blessing ceremony back into our lives. This helps us lay the groundwork for reenergizing our lives as we turn the page on our next chapter.

    Help the house attract its new family by planning a warm reception, anticipating that the new owners are about to come by to see the home. Now that you have released and cleared the space, bring in things that inspire new beginnings, nurturing and comfort. Select a small plant at your local nursery to mark a celebration of life and of new growth and bless it in the home. Ask it to keep the air refreshed and the energy in the home alive and vibrant.

    Place a beautifully scented candle in the bathroom or kitchen. Select a scent that will appeal to most people, something earthy and homey with soft vanilla notes might be a good choice. Avoid heavy floral scents. As you light the candle, state your intent. Ask the flame to energize the space, opening it up to possibilities known only to the future buyer’s hearts. Ask the candle to light the interest of the home shoppers, igniting the dreams and visions of the new family as they visualize themselves enjoying the space.

    And most important of all, bless the house. Thank it again for its service and give the home your blessing to serve another family. An easy blessing ceremony for a home would be to pour water into a bowl and bless the water. Bless the water by saying a prayer over it, reciting words such as love, peace, happiness, comfort, home, or even by taping beautiful words to the container. Move from room to room, thanking and blessing the room as you dip your fingers in the water sprinkling each corner of the room with the newly blessed water.

These simple, effective energetic methods help sell a property and prepare a space for a new chapter. Not only do these techniques pave the way for the next owners, but they create wholesome foundations for your new start.

Now you’ve got a house to sell. Get busy!

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