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2015-12-27 10:41:44
Making our Minds Matter

Here is a quick blurb about our Minds and How What are Thoughts effect out comes, this is copied from on of my mentors she has put it so well no point in my trying to rewrite it!


Imagine with me all of the players in your Real Estate transaction, other agents, home inspectors, escrow officer, loan officer, processor just to name a few, we are all become entangled.... all can be stressed out, just think about one person in the chain 'Freaking Out' I have seen that with lenders, other agent (they don't get paid if things don't close can be scary for some!) Buyer and sellers both are super stressed too!


When we make our minds matter, we stand to change the very scheme of things. Isn’t it refreshing and even reassuring to think that the problems we see as being external can actually be improved upon by addressing our own minds and emotions? Make your mind matter by paying attention to where it’s taking you and how it’s having you see the world. Blog excerpt from Tamara Lee Dorris, author & business consultant

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